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Comment from: Natasha [Visitor]
visiglyphmy fav was 'i'm a m*****f**kin poet/ balalaika couldn't show it' - compliments:-). Althought 'balalaika' remained untransalted, to me, the point (fact that he doesn't know anything, ergo he can't play an instrument, was preserved. I am not a pessimist, but i can't 'unknow" what 'neznaika' means (i liked the romanian translation, btw), so the first thing that came to mind was to show that playing an instrument was just another thing he was unable to do, althouh it is clear that he can rhyme:-), so he could just as well be able to play an instrument:-). Assumption is a great power, added by confidence to push an assumption for a fact, though we all know that 'one should never ASSUME, as it makes an ass of you and me':-).
Nice competition, Sash!
2008-Feb-26, Tue @ 12:49
Comment from: Alex [Member]
visiglyphYep, that one is very artistic in a twisted way, because the poetic skills are emphasized by the "incompetence" of the balalaika; i.e. the instrument is not great enough for his majesty. This one gets a special bonus, indeed.

About the Romanian version of Neznaika, someone translated it as "Decelush", which is probably a typo of "Decenush", which means "De ce? Nush'" :-)

Nice point about assumptions, I will definitely not forget this one; as well as the other version - "Assuming makes an ass out of Uma".

Won't you try your language skills in the new challenge? It's supposed to be x10 fun because it leaves more room for creativity.
2008-Feb-26, Tue @ 13:31
Comment from: Constantin [Visitor] · http://ascending.wordpress.com/
visiglyphHmm, I don't remember you telling me to keep the "artistic value" when you gave me the [slightly different] lines.

Anyway, for the new challenge I found these three points of view:
(A) Blest girl riding with the free,
Come twilight I wait for thee.
(B) Peasant girl with face so fair,
See you tonight by the pier.
(C) Filthy lying little whore,
I'll kill you when you come home!

Make your own judgements ;)
2008-Feb-26, Tue @ 20:35
Comment from: Natasha [Visitor]
visiglyphhehe, nice - the little whore one. to stick with the poetic shakesperian, i'd change the second line to "I shall see your face no more". I am absolutely blank on this one though. Now i see how important it is to not see other people's versions until after you've suggested yours, coz after reading Constantin's, I think I could come up with something but... won't:-D.
"Mever assume as to assume is to make an ass of Uma Thurman" is the full version of the one you mentioned, Sash.
2008-Feb-27, Wed @ 16:27
Comment from: Alex [Member]
visiglyphIndeed, other people's versions will influence your own thinking, so I will add a spoiler warning; and I have an idea about dealing with this in future challenges.

As for this one, how about slightly altering the conditions - try to find as many interpretations as possible; it's ok if some of them were already mentioned, if you can provide an alternative version which you think is better.

Constantin's C is so far my favourite :-)

Here are my first two versions:
  • Sweet, and lovely peasant girl,
    Come tonight, and break the spell!
  • Sweet and skillful village living,
    Help me paint the gate this evening.
2008-Feb-28, Thu @ 08:51
Comment from: dee [Visitor]
visiglyphI promised, so here I am with one of my versions:

"Hey you little country Miss,
I'm still waiting for your kiss."

I liked your version of "my version" as well:))

p.s.: I'll try to come up with something new ;) Ta-da...
2008-Feb-28, Thu @ 16:46
Comment from: Vica [Visitor] · http://livinski.deviantart.com
visiglyphOh Southern Belle with a beauty never-fading,
In the red barn you'll find me waiting...

2008-Mar-22, Sat @ 21:08
Comment from: Veronica [Visitor]
visiglyphThis is so funny =)

Although I'm not good at poetry, here's my version:

Little wench from countryside,
Meet me at the gate in the eventide

I like this one the most xD

"Sweet and skillful village living,
Help me paint the gate this evening."

2009-Jul-03, Fri @ 09:59
Comment from: mixdpp [Visitor]
visiglyphPeasant girl from countryside
Come into my hay, tonight.


2009-Jul-03, Fri @ 20:32
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] · http://railean.net
visiglyphThanks for your input; I think it is time to come up with another challenge.
2009-Jul-11, Sat @ 17:15

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